Club Operations Regulation

AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Private Club rules


These guidelines have been designed to control the usage of the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Private Club, as well as to promote the health, safety, positive, safe experience, and pleasure of all those who utilize its facilities.

The administration of the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Private Club intends to keep these restrictions to a bare minimum to ensure that all members, designees, immediate family members, and their visitors can enjoy the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Private Club.

The AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Private Club Committee are primarily responsible for enforcing these rules for the benefit of all users. Their main responsibility is to ensure that members receive all of the courtesy, comforts, and services to which they are entitled as members of the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Private Club.

It is always the members' obligation to be familiar with and follow these guidelines at all times. We regard these regulations to be bylaws, and we aim to enforce them by penalizing members and visitors who break them, as well as cancelling their access to the premises in some situations.

  1. NAME

The name of the Club is The AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Club (henceforth “The Club”).


This is a members-only club. Individuals engaged in the Maritime Shipping Industry or related circles are eligible to join The Club, which aims to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in which members and their visitors may socialize, work, and relax in equal proportion.

  • This is a proprietary Club, the proprietors and sole managers of which are the ‘AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas’.
  • The registered office of the Club is Platonos & Bouboulinas
  • The day-to-day running of the Club is managed by the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Club Committee and the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors (henceforth “the Managers”).PURPOSE OF

The AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Club is a private social club which features meals, drinks, social interaction, unique member programs and events, informal work-spaces, and special event facilities (hereafter "Special Events"). Our first concern is our members' safety and ability to enjoy the Club and its facilities.


On a regular basis, the Club's hours will be updated on the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas website or directly emailed to its members. Working hours at the Club are subject to change. The Club may close for a certain amount of time, or for public holidays, cleaning, or maintenance, or any other cause that Club Management feels justifies a temporary closure, providing as much notice as possible to members.


You agree to follow the Club's regulations by completing and submitting your membership application. As long as memberships are available, the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Club Committee and the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors authorize new members.

If your membership application is accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. After being notified that their membership has been accepted, each member must proceed with the payment of their yearly subscription membership costs. Your yearly membership will begin on the day you specify for your subscription payment.


Members are encouraged to suggest people for membership in the Club.


Members pay for a one-year membership subscription. The Club's membership is not renewed automatically or tacitly. Our Club Committee reviews membership renewals on a yearly basis.


As a member of the Club, you will become immediately liable for membership fees and the yearly subscription on the date of approval of your application. You will be instantly responsible for the yearly subscription on the day of confirmation of your membership renewal.

You agree to be charged a membership fee in line with the Club's terms and conditions by supplying us with your payment information.

If the rates applicable to the renewal of your membership change, we shall notify you within a reasonable time, and no later than three months before the anniversary date of the renewal of said membership, of the changes made to the rates and, if applicable, the payment arrangements.

Failure to pay the membership fees and/or the annual subscription of the member, within one month, from the mentioned due date of the member, will result in the cancellation of your acceptance and the member who will not be up to date, of the payment of the sums due by him, will be prohibited from accessing the Club.


As a member, you have the option to end your membership at any time. If you opt to pay your yearly subscription in installments and then decide to cancel your membership throughout the year, you will be obligated to pay the whole price of the subscription until the current annual deadline, regardless of the reason. If you wish to do so, please contact our Club Committee at the following address:_________________


When members arrive at the Club's reception, they must display their membership cards as well as their national identification cards. A non-member who presents a membership card will be denied entry to the Club, and the member whose card has been used may have his membership suspended or even terminated.

In the event that your Club membership card is stolen or lost, you must promptly notify the Club committee by any convincing means (e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt).


Members' ability to invite guests to the Club is restricted. Each Member is allowed to bring up to three visitors to the Club. Additional guests may be admitted as part of a dinner reservation, a scheduled private function, or as approved in advance by management. A situation may arise that necessitates restricting the number of guests, which will be reported to the members.

Members are accountable for the behavior of their guests as well as any unpaid Club costs. When guests arrive at the Club, they must register with the receptionist. Members must be present with their guests at all times.

No individual shall be admitted as a visitor to the Club if he has ever been an unsuccessful applicant for membership, has been expelled as a member, or is still owing to The Club after having been a member.


Only children of members are allowed on the grounds, and only when accompanied by a parent member. Members are accountable for their children's behavior. Members' children are considered guests. Persons under the age of 18 will not be permitted into the Club, except as follows: (a) by prior arrangement with Club management, accompanied children may be permitted to attend previously arranged special events; or (b) during designated weekend meal periods and or special club events, when accompanied by their Member parent.


Any Member or their visitors who do not appear to be well-dressed may be denied admission. The Club's management expects all members and their visitors to show themselves in a stylish, well-dressed manner, and supports a sophisticated dress code when visiting the Club. Sneakers that are clean and attractive will be permitted, but only if they are worn with acceptable apparel. Jeans are allowed as long as they are clean, not ripped, and not scruffy. Flip-flops and sportswear are not authorized.

Members are responsible for informing their guests about Club-appropriate clothing and ensuring that their guests follow the Club's dress code. Please remember that the Club Management has the last say on whether or not a member's look is appropriate.


(a) Cocktail: A business suit or attractive jacket worn with slacks/skirts and a proper dress shirt. The use of a tie or bow tie is optional. A stylish knee-length party dress, a dressy pantsuit, or a jumpsuit. Matching footwear.

(c) Formal/Tie: Suit or tuxedo is appropriate. Tie or bow tie, or a cultural equivalent such as a kilt or military uniform. Elegant pant suit/dress, long gown. Matching footwear.


The Club, or sections of the Club, may be designated as private event venues for members from time to time. Members may hold special events in specific parts of the grounds, coordinating dates, timings, food, drinks, and other components of the event with the Club's administration. Hosting Members must follow all Club regulations, and in some situations, the Club administration and the hosting member may jointly sign a Special Event agreement with the Club, which is in addition to the Club rules. Upon a hosting member's request to the Club's management, notice of the Club's usage for a private event booking will be given to the hosting members.

Each event host will have the authority to define the privacy regulations that apply within the bounds of the hosted event location, with the consent of the Club's event manager. Before recording, photographing, videotaping, publicizing, mentioning the special event in news media (live, print, or digital), social media, or otherwise publicly identifying or describing the event, the host, or its attendees, members and guests attending a hosted event must obtain permission from Club management.

Cash, credit card, or house account payments are accepted and must be settled at the time of purchase. At the Club, we have carefully picked an experienced and high-quality team of staff. Our members' comfort and great experience are their key concerns. We expect our members to treat Club employees with dignity and respect.


The Club's management will provide dining reservations and tables at their discretion. Dining reservations are only available to Members. It is not advisable to cancel reservations with less than 24 hours' notice. If a Member is 15 minutes or more past the specified time, the reservation may be forfeited. In the case of a dinner reservation or a Member-sponsored private event reservation, depending on space availability, there is no guest limit. On a regular basis, the Club dining menu will be emailed to its members.


While alcoholic beverages are available throughout the Club and are an integral part of the membership experience, we expect all members to control their intake and refrain from disruptive conduct as a result of their alcohol consumption. We have the right to reject alcoholic beverage service to any members or visitors who seem to be inebriated. The Club's alcoholic beverage service will adhere to all state and municipal laws, rules, and regulations, including the legal drinking age. Without the explicit permission of Club Management, no beverage may be brought into or withdrawn from the premises.


Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the Club. Members and guests who choose to smoke cigarettes or cigars must do so in places specified by Club administration outside the Club.


The Club has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. No Member shall engage in or condone acts or remarks that are discriminatory based on race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or any other comparable factor. Any member or visitor who is upset by any of the above-mentioned behavior is encouraged to contact Club management or any Club manager on duty. If members or visitors participate in such disruptive behaviour, the Club management is responsible for notifying them and ejecting them.


On mutual agreement, club members are permitted to hold informal business meetings and discussions. Solicitation of members for business opportunities, fundraising, membership in other organizations, or promotion of religious or political causes is prohibited, as is the distribution of unsolicited marketing materials to members or the posting of any notices or advertisements not pre-approved by Club management.

Petitions may only be started, solicited, disseminated, or placed on Club property with the Club Manager's prior written consent. Without the previous written agreement of the Club Manager, no solicitation shall be made in the name of, or on behalf of, the Club, nor shall the Club's name or emblem be used for any purpose.


At all times, texting and the silent use of mobile phone apps are permitted in all sections of the Club (except apps with voice or sound effects that may disturb other members or guests). During the day, computers and other non-telephone devices (such as tablets) may be utilized.

The Club has a no-photo policy on the grounds to preserve our members' privacy. Members and guests are not permitted to use cameras or video recording equipment while at the Club.


The Club maintains a stringent no-press policy for members and their visitors, with the exception of special or hosted events. Members shall be held liable if they reveal or identify any other members or visitors to the Club in any written correspondence, radio, television, or internet news media. This covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, and personal blogs, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, and personal blogs. With the exclusions listed in paragraph 16 "Hosting Events," this implies no sharing Club premises-oriented photographs on social media.


Photographic events may be captured by Club designated employees and photographers/videographers from time to time. If you wish to remain anonymous, please inform the Club management on duty and choose a seat away from the camera. We will do everything in our power to protect your privacy and address your concerns. The Club's administration reserves the right to record, videotape, or photograph member events and/or activities for use in membership programming, marketing, public relations, and other commercial/business purposes.


  1. PETS

Animals are not permitted on the premises.



Members are obliged to enter and leave the Club's premises discreetly at all times, as well as guarantee the peaceful entrance and departure of their visitors, out of concern for our neighbors.



Club regulations must be followed by both members and guests. Members are asked to vouch for their guests' behavior.

On business stationery, members and their visitors are not permitted to use the Club's address, phone number, or emblem. In written correspondence with the press or the general public, members and their visitors are not permitted to use the Club name. Members and their visitors are not permitted to bring or order food or beverages inside the Club.

Unless approved by Club management or owing to the schedule of a sponsored or special event, members and their guests are not permitted to stay in the Club for more than three hours in a row. No photography is permitted in any section of the Club by members or their visitors.

The Club management has unique access to information from the membership roster, including names, phone numbers, and addresses. For members and guests, the Club does not accept mail or shipments.

If members and visitors break Club regulations or participate in disorderly behaviour, the Club management is responsible for notifying them, which may include ejecting them.


By reporting violations of the Club regulations or incidents of misbehavior to the Club Committee or the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors, each member of the Club may assist maintain a high standard of civility, respect, discipline, and orderliness.

Members should make written complaints to the Club Committee or the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors about another member, Club service, or administration.

Suggestions for improving the club's service, décor, administration, or other suggestions for boosting members' satisfaction should be sent in writing to the Club Committee or the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors.

Management complaints should be addressed in writing to the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors.

Members are invited to notify the Club Committee or the AHEPA Maritime HJ45 St. Nicholas Board of Directors of any honors or expressions of thanks for exemplary service or experiences.


  1. CCTV

Members and their guests should be informed that we employ CCTV throughout the Club for safety reasons.


  1. GDPR

We are compelled to notify you about how we retain or use your information that you submit to us as part of your membership due to recent changes in the legislation regulating data and personal details:

  1. a. If you pay by direct debit, your account information is kept private and safe until you decide to cancel your membership or use a new payment method.
  2. b. As part of your membership, we will communicate with you by mail and email regarding Members' news and activities. You can unsubscribe from this message at any moment, but please be aware that if you do, you will miss out on special offers, events, and Club news.
  3. c. If you opt to resign your membership, your data and records will be deleted.
  4. d. For the provision of your membership, any reservations you make, and any messages you get from us, we engage with a select group of service providers and business partners. In order to fulfill your subscription, we must share your information with them. At all times, your information is kept private and secret.



The Club may revoke, supplement, or change these Rules at any time, and such revocation, supplement, or change will be immediately binding on all Club members.