My warmest greetings to every entity serving and protecting Hellenism around the Globe.

It is now, more than ever, that we need role models who will serve our society in facing current and future challenges the preservation, protection and development of Hellenism.

Guided by the sacred and ancient principles and ideals of Hellenism and the Hellenic civilization, including humanism, reason, the pursuit of knowledge, education, the arts, moderation, civic responsibility, philanthropy and family, the A.H.E.P.A. Maritime Chapter HJ45 St. Nikolas was founded to preserve such moral uprightness through a brotherhood of fellowmen who are involved with, truly care about, understand, and are related to the Hellenic Nation’s most dominant sector, the Hellenic Maritime Shipping sector.

Indeed, as we witness through our growing members’ highly active participation, fellowmen of our society, from all ranks and beliefs, come to stand as our nation’s patriots, as distinguished citizens, as caring members towards our society, not only in their fields of expertise, but also in their communities and in the Hellenic international arena. It is my hope and personal stake that these fellowmen will continue to demonstrate excellence through our Chapter’s vision and vision execution, and will continue making a difference in our society as we all reap the fruits of our Chapter’s efforts.

May this message inspire you and work as a call to join and pursue the Hellenic principles and ideals undertaken with fervor, inspired by the work conducted from the A.H.E.P.A. Maritime Chapter HJ45 St. Nikolas’ brotherhood, as a member, especially in this period where vitality in our society and our institutions is mostly needed.

Cpt. Dimitrios Mattheou.


D. MaτΘaiou